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eleventh version, quantity I: Translation, Description, and rationalization of Sumerian, Babylonian, Akkadian, Assyrian, Ugaritic, Phoenician and Anunnaki drugs, Seals, Slabs, Inscriptions, Statues, SymbolsAuthor’s site: were you aware that Abraham and the early Israelites worshipped the Anunnaki God Ea? And Ea turned the Jewish God Yahweh? this is often proven on Akkadian/Sumerian Cuneiform drugs present in Eridu, Ur and the Syrian city of Ebla. See the capsules during this book!To absolutely comprehend the heritage, civilization, artwork, religions, scriptures, texts, epics and literature of Mesopotamia, Sumer, Assyria, Chaldea, Phoenicia, Ugarit, and the Anunnaki,• a-One needs to get to grips with the Cuneiform inscriptions of Mesopotamia, • b-Historians and authors needs to totally comprehend and grasp the Sumerian and Akkadian languages, • c-Researchers and linguists needs to be capable of appropriately translate the Sumerian tablets,• d-Scholars might be able to properly clarify the which means (Hidden or printed) of the inscriptions, the symbolism camouflaged in tricky info, and the religious-artistic-philosophical nuances of the artwork of the era.This calls for genuine description, translation and rationalization of:• Cuneiform inscriptions and writings• Ancient symbols• Archeological reveals • Maps• Seals and Slabs • Statues and figurines• Carving/Illustrations/Drawings• Time-table of ancient websites, ruins, and towns • Etc…This publication was once written (by a professional linguist, who wrote numerous dictionaries of old and lifeless languages, comparable to Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, to call a number of) on the way to take care of and to provide an explanation for some of these issues, and principally to supply the readers with enough counsel, translation and clarification of Sumerian and Akkadian capsules, artifacts of the traditional international, and significant archaeological reveals, starting from a figurine to an enormous monument.

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