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Solomon Northup

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Solomon Northup's memoir
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Additional illustrations that convey the tale to life!

Read the memoir that encouraged the movie that gained top photo on the 2014 Academy Awards!

Follow the gripping real account of the writer, Solomon Northup, a loose black guy, abducted, bought into, and added out of, slavery.

“It is healthier than the movie … A testomony to the honor of the human spirit in conquer the worst of human abuse.” - day-by-day Telegraph

"This isn't any fiction, no exaggeration. If i've got failed in something, it's been in providing to the reader too prominently the intense aspect of the image. I doubt now not hundreds of thousands were as unlucky as myself; that enormous quantities of loose electorate were abducted and bought into slavery, and are at this second donning out their lives on plantations..." - Solomon Northup, _Twelve Years a Slave_

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