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This old ebook can have various typos and lacking textual content. dealers can obtain a loose scanned reproduction of the unique ebook (without typos) from the writer. now not listed. no longer illustrated. 1907 Excerpt: ...Isamo dia andwa Leza. Like, To, V. t. ku funa. Like, To Be, V. t. ku kozha; to be like one another, v. i. ku ko zhana. Like, prep. okoya. Llken, to, V. t. ku kozhanya. Likeness, picture, photograph, ». 7. chikozhano. Lily, Water-, root of, ». eight. imbe; stem of, ». 2. mudidima. Lime, Bird-, ». four. budimbo. Limp, To, V. i. ku sunkuta; to limp with fatigue, v. i. ku ba bata. Line, string, n. 6. kozhi. A line stretched in a home upon which blankets, &c., are hung, ». 2. mulenga. Line, To, as a plank for sawing, v. t. ku fundulula. Lion, ». l. a.. shumbwa. different names given to the lion are:--Kapumpu, Shamangana, Shetwi, Shanza, Shanza-mukulu, Indavu, Mwanda-banyama. acknowledged of a lion:--Ushumbwa u le enda inshi i l. a. tongela, whilst the lion travels the earth groans. Kasokwe munza, mashiku ya ba indavu, within the sunlight hours a patch of grass, at evening he turns into a lion. Intombola kamine ya minuka i dya muntu. Ka wanga mususula. Shabahula ba lengwa kamamba. LlP, ». 2. mulomo; to maneuver lips with out conversing, v. i. ku lakauka, phr. ku tapazha mulomo, ku takolapakazha. hear, To, V. t. ku pupulala. Little, adj.-shonto. Expressed additionally within the diminutive prefixes, ka-, tu-. dwell, To, to dwell good, be good, v. i. ku pona; to be alive, v. t. ku langa; to dwell or stay, v. i. ku kala. Liver, n. 2. muni. Lizard, ». eight. intombela, ». los angeles. offended; ku lutizha, to make indignant, reason to be indignant. Maker, n. 1. muchiti, mubumbi. Malice, n. eight. inkole. Maliciously, adv. chankole. guy, individual, n. 1. muntu; a male, ». 1. mulombwana; a tremendous guy, n. three. ilombwana; a tender guy, n. l. a.. kakubushi, ndumbana. a powerful guy, a nasty guy, demeanour or customized of a guy, ehilombwana. Mane, ». 2. mwala, musukwe. Manhood, n. four. bulombwana. demeanour, ». 7. chidilo. Manner...

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