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Rudolf Steiner

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person who undertakes to symbolize convinced result of clinical religious examine of the sort recorded during this booklet, needs to notably issues be ready to discover that this type of research is today virtually universally considered as very unlikely. For issues are comparable within the following pages approximately which those people who are this day esteemed particular thinkers, assert that they're going to most likely stay altogether indeterminable by way of human intelligence. person who is familiar with and will admire the explanations which steered many a significant individual to say this impossibility, could fain make the try out time and again to teach what misunderstandings are particularly on the backside of the assumption that it isn't given to human wisdom to penetrate into the superphysical worlds.
For issues current themselves for attention. First, no person will, on deeper mirrored image, find a way ultimately to close his eyes to the truth that his most vital questions as to the which means and importance of lifestyles needs to stay unanswered, if there be no entry to raised worlds. Theoretically we may possibly delude ourselves referring to this truth and so break out from it; the depths of our soul-life, despite the fact that, won't tolerate such self-delusion. the individual that won't hearken to what comes from those depths of the soul will clearly reject any account of supersensible worlds. There are even if people—and their quantity isn't really small—who locate it most unlikely to stay deaf to the calls for coming from the depths of the soul. they need to continuously be knocking on the gates which, within the opinion of others, bar how to what's “incomprehensible.”
Secondly, the statements of “exact thinkers” are in no way to be despised. the place they must be taken heavily, person who occupies himself with them will completely believe and have fun with this seriousness. the author of this publication wouldn't prefer to be taken for one that calmly disregards the large thought-labour which has been expended in opting for the bounds of the human mind. This thought-labour can't be set aside with a number of words approximately “academic knowledge” and so forth. in lots of situations it has its resource in real striving after wisdom and in real discernment. certainly, much more than this has to be admitted; purposes were introduced ahead to teach that that wisdom that's to-day considered as clinical can't penetrate into supersensible worlds, and those purposes are in a undeniable experience irrefutable.

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