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Can humans be loose and in charge if there's a God? Anselm of Canterbury, the 1st Christian thinker to suggest that people have a very strong loose will, deals plausible solutions to questions that have plagued spiritual humans for no less than thousand years: If divine grace can't be merited and is important to save lots of fallen humanity, how can there be any decisive position for person loose option to play? If God understands this day what you'll opt for the next day to come, then while day after today comes you want to opt for what God foreknew, so how can your selection be unfastened? If people should have the choice to choose from stable and evil on the way to be morally in charge, needs to God be capable to opt for evil? Anselm solutions those questions with a cosmopolitan concept of loose will which defends either human freedom and the sovereignty and goodness of God.


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