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Helen Landalf

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Language: English

Pages: 181

Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers (December 20, 2011)


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Stevie Calhoun is familiar with find out how to look after herself. It’s in contrast to her mother hasn’t disappeared earlier than. So why is Aunt Mindy making this sort of vast deal of it now? It’s in contrast to Mom’s rather doing meth. Stevie makes convinced of that. no matter what. She’ll pass domestic with Aunt Mindy if it is going to hold her from calling baby protecting Services—but it doesn’t suggest she’ll remain. mother will come again. mother consistently comes again. And Stevie should be there while she does.But while Stevie meets Alan—frustrating and engaging and so-different-from-everyone-she-knows Alan—and she begins assisting out on the chicken rehab middle, issues start to glance assorted. Even the schooling and the ridiculous clothes Aunt Mindy’s forcing her into may not be so undesirable. no longer that Stevie might say it out loud. She can’t. simply because how can something be stable if it doesn’t comprise mother?

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