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Kyle Schlesinger

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Pages: 121

Publisher: BlazeVOX Books (2007)

ISBN: 193428937X

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Poetry. "HELLO HELICOPTER. Or hi helikos? As Robert Smithson tells us of his Spiral Jetty movie, now not so distantly from Kyle Schlesinger's poetics: 'For my movie (a movie is a spiral made from frames) i might have myself filmed from a helicopter (from the Greek helix, helikos which means spiral) without delay overhead for you to get the dimensions by way of erratic steps.' a lot after Clark Coolidge's personal 'depositions,' and affinities as disparate as Larry Eigner, Larry Fagin, Frank Kuenstler, Bernadette Mayer, Lorine Niedecker, George Oppen, Ron Silliman and Rosemarie Waldrop in Schlesinger's poetry language bifurcates geo-glyphically forming mantles (veils, plates) for a metapolitics of the individual decided by means of severe logics of experience. Joyrides into exteriority, those lapidary (drilled, mined, sophisticated, chiseled) texts locate shape in an 'everyday' (read: actual!) perform made ambivalent by means of the dual indiscernible issues of paramnesia and paronomasia, speeding upon background and the moment the place 'memory survives necessity,' forging 'a fold among those folds / / then helicopter'. 'It all comes all the way down to this...'--literally. So dig it! 'Fossils have phrases in their personal' and those poems ceaselessly suggest, so conscientiously degreed"--Thom Donovan.


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