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Vll PAOK tor a successor Claudius marries Agrippina Her sonD umitius betrothed to his daughter Octavia: followed lower than the identify of Nero impression of A grippina: she founds the Colonia A grippinensis Advancing acclaim for Nero Agrippina results the destruction of Lepida She poisons Claudius Nero succeeds to strength feedback at the personality of Claudius The adoration paid him in the course of his existence byS eneca, and abuse of him after his demise The A pocolocyntosis Flattery of Nero (A.U. 794 807, A.D. forty-one fifty four) 134 bankruptcy LI. The clever and liberal coverage of Claudius in the direction of Gaul His measures for the suppression of Druidism He provides a king to the Cherusciins and withdraws the Roman armies from Germany Political nation of england Invaded via A ulus Plautius (A. o. 796, A. D. forty three) Arrival of Claudius Defeat of the Trinobantes additional successes of Plautius and Vespasian Subjugation of Southern Britain Campaigns ofO storius Scapula opposed to Caractacus and theS ilures starting place of the Colonia Camulodunum (A. u. 804, A. D. fifty one) ultimate defeat and seize of Caractacus Magnanimity of Claudius Account of the Roman province of england, and the stations of the legions Suetonius Paullinus routs theB ritons in Anglesey rebellion of the Iceni below their Queen Boadicea Camulodunum stormed and destroyed Slaughter of the Romans and overthrow in their institutions go back of Suetonius from A nglesey, and defeat of the Iceni (A.U. 814, A. D. sixty one) ultimate pacification of Southern Britain --..-. 212 bankruptcy LII. The family members of theD omitii Early years of Nero. His schooling underS eneca fight for impact over him among the senate, his educate, and his mom He makes a beneficial impact on the graduation of his reign His intrigue with A cte and slow development in vice Behaviour of Agrippina andS eneca compliment of his clemency shame of Pallas homicide of Britannicus department among Nero and(Typographical error above are as a result of OCR software program and do not happen within the book.)

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