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From TimesSquare Press: simply released "HOW GOD YAHWEH ORDERED HIS CHOSENPEOPLE TO KIDNAP, RAPE AND SLAUGHTER girls within the BIBLE". A needs to learn booklet. Get it atamazon.com___________________________________________________________________ How the Babylonian tale of the Flood grew to become the tale of the good Deluge within the Bible. and the way Utnapishtim grew to become Noah.Synopsis and Translation of the Sumerian, Akkadian, and Assyrian Cuneiform Tablets97% of the Bible is natural fabrication, and virtually ninety five% of the most important Biblical tales are copied from Phoenician, Ugaritic, Syrian-Canaanite, Mesopotamian and Egyptian myths, poems, texts and tales, written centuries earlier than the Bible was once crafted.Although the Bible is an imposing and a very good piece of literature nourished with knowledge, and conveying outstanding moral and ethical messages and classes, the Bible is certainly not, the be aware of God, or an unique Hebraic work.And past the shadow of a doubt, Yahweh (Jehovah) is a recast, and an amalgam of pagans' gods ; the gods of Mesopotamia, Phoenicia and Ugarit.Numerous historians, archaeologists, linguists, students and anthropology's forensic scientists agree that the Bible's such a lot bold and colourful tales such as:1-The Tower of Babel,2-Genesis,3-Adam and Eve,4-Garden of Eden,5-The nice Flood (To identify a few)were taken from Mesopotamian, Ugaritic, Phoenician, Canaanite, Egyptian, Assyrian, Akkadian, and Chaldean myths, and epics recorded on historic clay drugs and slabs, centuries earlier than the Bible was once written, and the identify and the presence of God , or extra precisely one God, have been recognized to the Israelites/Early Hebrews.In truth, the identify of God "Yahweh", his attributes and impressive (Supernatural) powers and deeds have been borrowed from pagans' gods; gods the Israelites worshiped sooner than they "created" their very own god "Yahweh", who centuries later, grew to become the God of the Christians and the Muslims.In this brief treatise, we'll study and clarify the beginning of the Biblical tale of the Flood (Great Deluge), and the way the Hebrews took the tale of the Flood from the Babylonian texts (A a lot older story), whereas they have been in exile in Babylon.From the content:* Biblical tales taken from a lot older religions.* The Babylonian tale of the Flood as opposed to the Biblical tale of the Flood.* There is a distinction of roughly six hundred years among the Babylonian flood and the Biblical flood.* Excerpts from the Mesopotamian texts word-for-word and author's translation.* Same tales within the Babylonian texts and the Bible:* 1.The Anunnaki god Ea warned Utnapishtim a couple of flood.* Instructions on how one can construct the boat.* 2.Bringing animals to the boat.* 3.The dove.* 4.The birds are set free.* 5.The boat resting at the best of a mountain.* 6.Destroying mankind.* 7.Reason for sending the flood.* 8.Never back to carry a flood to earth and break mankind.* 9.The seventh day of the flood.* 10. Seven days of flood: within the Bible.* 11.Waiting for the seventh day.* 12.Sealing the door and canopy of the boat with pitch.* 13.Making a roof (Cover for the boat).* 14.The covenant.* Characteristics and dissimilarities of the 3 Babylonian types of the tale of the flood, the Epic of Gilgamesh and Berossus' account.* The Sumerian tale of the flood in line with Berossus, a clergyman of the cult of Marduk in Babylon.* The Babylonian tale of the Flood and the Biblical account of the Deluge have been pointed out on a pill from Ugarit.Author's statement:My statements and findings are dependent upon the Akkadian, Sumerian, and Assyrian cuneiform clay drugs present in Babylon and Nineveh.I am reproducing within the this brief treatise, the unique Mesopotamian texts, and my translation of those texts, and evaluating them word-for-word, with the Biblical texts, to end up past the shadow of a doubt that the Biblical tale of the Flood used to be taken from the Mesopotamian tale of the good Deluge, which seemed on clay capsules, centuries prior to the Bible used to be written!!


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