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9 poems in Six sections

After every one poem's name
I have incorporated less than
The establishing element of each one poem

1) Awakening

"Broken replicate 13"

--Yesterday I woke up from a dream
As I aroused from sleep,
I observed your face
Peering at me
With darkish eyes

Half wide awake as I was
I couldn't tell
If you have been in my dream
Or I as a substitute in yours

I nonetheless don't know
What this dream means
Though it sort of feels deep
Like the darkness on your eyes

2) Dream lights

"When the celebs have been Right"

-- I. Water
Rose petals
Floating in a stream
Some will style ocean waves
Some will rest
On rounded stone
Are we no longer petals too?

"Who are those Words?"

Jealous of your warmth,
November skies,
So chilly and dark,
Growls thunder
In the distance

three) misplaced in a Dream

"Smoky Dreams"

-- Opium haze
Coleridge eyes
Dim lit halls
shadowy cries

Poppy dreams
poetic lies
Milky sap
Daylight dies

"Stolen Dreams"

May is the month of longing
Facing the useless lands
Aches and pains stirring
Drenching spring rains arriving
Snow turning to hot lakes
Covering our afflicted lives
With its drenching sweetness

four) Twilight

"Who Owns the Poetry of Clouds?"

--Uncertainty and Necessity
That compelling duet
Resonate endlessly
Between gentle and darkness
Until we make our choices
-- The Oracle

five) Darkness returns

"Blood Secrets"

--Sighs and whispers soaking wet in blood
They wander eternally nightfall to dawn
And like Vladimir and Estragon
Waiting perpetually ultimate redemption
Each hangs from their Woden cross

Yellow fog and crimson lipped poppies
Drenching us within the rain of sighs
Their blood enters our veins
In the needled thorns in their lies
Looking forever for peace

"Untamed Circles"

--The robust brown of a river god
Or the fading pink of peonies
We paint our visions in color
Be they humble flowers
Or untamed river gods
Who are we to believe
Ancient chinese language poet Bai Juyi
Or twentieth Century poet T. S. Eliot
May now not the 2 percentage our attention

6) Dreamless sleep

"How Do I degree My Life?"

--Reading one other poets words
Brings this query to my mind
Sending me backwards
To the numerous pasts
Connected to mine

Who are those people
I recognize and feature known
Their tales look some distance aside and distant
Their lives like tales from a book
With a few of the pages missing

Looking again at my very own life
I rarely take into account anything
Did i actually dwell so little
Hold directly to so little
That i'd fail to remember rather a lot

June 2011

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