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touchdown parts OF THE go back OF THE ANUNNAKI.
Published by way of occasions sq. Press, big apple. Are the Anunnaki and/or the extraterrestrial beings returning to Earth (coming back)? during this context, this can be very very important and paramount to distinguish among the Anunnaki and extraterrestrial beings (Extraterrestrials) for various purposes we have now defined within the ebook. the topic of the Anunnaki’s go back is understood simply to a couple army scientists, an intellectual-ecclesiastic elite, and best echelon on the Pentagon, and it's hardly mentioned inside of or outdoor the pinnacle mystery and Above best mystery army perimeters.
Nevertheless, it continues to be a delicate and a truly severe drawback which hasn't ever left the “Foggy Room”, a mystery code, or appellation for “Center of analysis and Operations Room of Extraterrestrials’ Affairs”, created in September 1947, and which our executive has strongly denied its lifestyles ever since.

From the Contents:

Reference to the go back of the Anunnaki

• “Ilmu Al-Donia Scrolls or Kitab”
• “Ramadosh Kitbu”
• “Anamidra Scroll or Kitbu”
• Anunnaki Matrix “Al Anaaki Nizamu”
• Madame Blavatsky’s work
• Nicolas Flamel’s own papers
• “Our Lord is coming.” What did it mean?
• The Pentagon and our executive mentioned the go back of the Anunnaki
• Aliens Transcripts
• Anunnaki’s envoy assembly with usa officers in Washington, DC
• At Dulce Base
• At a old assembly with extraterrestrial beings in 1954. (Eisenhower’s assembly with aliens)

Why the Anunnaki are nonetheless attracted to us?

• Because we're nonetheless a part of the Anunnaki-Man Equation “An-Hayya’h”
• Creation of the “First Man”
• In the Epic of Gilgamesh we read
• Ninhursag/Ninlil/Nama
• The production of the human race, and why guy was once created
• Enki’s plan for growing the human race
• Descendants/Remnants of the Anunnaki in:
• Sumer
• Babylon
• Akkad
• The kings of Isin
• Dynasty of Amurru
• Dynasty of Kassites
• Chaldean Dynasty
• Phoenicia

Ramadosh Revelation

• The go back of the Anunnaki
• One of the main interesting revelations of Ramadosh is the go back of the Anunnaki to planet Earth
• Does this are expecting or trace to the touchdown parts of the Anunnaki after they go back to earth in 2022?

Landing parts of the go back of the Anummaki

• Landing parts of the go back of the Anunnaki
• By cities
• By country
• Lebanon (Ancient Phoenicia)
• Syria
• Iraq
• Turkey
• France
• Iran
• Bahrain
• Mexico
• UK
• Brazil
• Tunisia
• Italy
• Malta
• Norway
• Germany
• Azerbaijan
• Armenia
• Tajikistan
• Puerto Rico
• Czech Republic
• Romania
• Russia

• Q: How did we get the record of the Anunnaki’s touchdown spots?
• Q: Why such a lot of parts of touchdown?
• Q: Why now not touchdown within the entrance of the White residence? this could ship a world message to the total inhabitants of Earth?
• Q: We comprehend the significance of a few touchdown spots as a result of their previous association with the Anunnaki, resembling Eridu and Jabal Haramoon. yet Dover, London, and Oerland?
• Do you've any the reason why towns like Dover, London, and Oerland have been selected as attainable touchdown spots?
• Q: will we have any notion concerning the touchdown method and scope? Is it a few kind of an invasion or just an unopposed landing?
• Q: Is it a neighborhood Bubble or a world Bubble?
• Q: Is it just like the “Rapture” Bubble?
• Q: on account that Earth is additionally the habitat of the intraterrestrial Greys, will the Greys oppose or counter-attack the Anunnaki?
• Q: Will the various touchdown spots be used as portals?
• Stargates?
• Q: Is there any danger of fending off the Bubble?
• Q: How will we accomplish that?
• Q: if that is so, why our govt continues to be overlaying up the complete matter?

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