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Publisher: The Institute for Democracy in South Africa (February 21, 2011)

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South Africa's gold mining staff has the top incidence charges of tuberculosis and HIV an infection of any business area within the state. The agreement migrant labour procedure, which has lengthy outlived apartheid, is chargeable for this unacceptable scenario. The unfold of HIV to rural groups in Southern Africa isn't good understood. The approved knowledge is that migrants go away for the mines, interact in high-risk behaviour, agreement the virus and go back to contaminate their rural companions. This version fails to accommodate the phenomenon of rural-rural transmission and instances of HIV discordance (when the feminine migrant is contaminated and the male migrant not). Nor does it exhibit no matter if all rural companions are both vulnerable to an infection. This examine examines the vulnerability of rural companions in southern Mozambique and southern Swaziland, that are significant resource components for migrant miners. It offers the result of surveys with miners and companions in those sending-areas and offers the chance to match diverse mine-sending components. the 2 components usually are not basically geographically and culturally diverse, they've got had contrasting reviews with the mine labour process during the last twenty years. The unfold of HIV in Southern Africa within the Nineteen Nineties coincided with significant downsizing and retrenchment within the gold mining which impacted otherwise on Mozambique and Swaziland. Swaziland has been in decline as a resource of mine migrants whereas Mozambique remained a comparatively strong resource of mine migrants. The examine hence goals not just to make clear vulnerability in mine sending components, but in addition to attract out any contrasts that may exist among mine-sending components that have been inserted into the mine migrant labour process in several methods through the enlargement of the HIV epidemic.

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