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M. E. Martin

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 447



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this can be the vintage story of the Legend of King Arthur, set within the interesting global of Minecraft.

As a teenage boy, Arthur without notice unearths himself during this new and weird international.

But there’s important little time to waste on exploring simply because he quickly reveals himself dealing with many hazards, together with hordes of zombies and a pack of untamed wolves thirsting for human blood…

But issues take a good stranger flip as Arthur’s direction crosses with that of Sir Kay, a valiant and popular knight of the area.

The knight tells a weird and wonderful and engaging story of a sacred diamond sword enchanted by means of a wizard that has been trapped in a slab of stone.

Legend has it that he who succeeds in pulling the sword from the stone, may be king.

Many have attempted and failed, and Sir Kay potential to attempt his personal hand at releasing the sword…

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