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Nazi secrets and techniques are bizarre sufficient. it's as a result pointless so as to add extra fantasies to the real ancient proof within the box of Nazi occultism, in particular by way of their expeditions and their pseudo-scientific researches.

The real beginner of sensational and unusual tales can nonetheless be totally happy with Himmler's Witch undertaking, or the hole Earth Theory.

In many features, the Nazi period used to be like a breach in area and time. What occurred in the course of those virtually 12 years of dictatorship, on the middle of Europe in a single of the main civilized and industrially complex international locations, doesn't fit the ethical, philosophical and spiritual values that prevailed in all places else while on the planet. there's accordingly a necessity to revisit all ancient evidence associated with Nazi "oddities" that one hardly ever unearths in mainstream historians' books.

This booklet goals at setting apart those evidence, in spite of the fact that esoteric and unusual they are often, from post-war fabrications and advertisement lies. The beginner of mysteries and darkish secrets and techniques aren't disenchanted, notwithstanding, on the grounds that during this quest fact is frequently stranger than fiction.

CONTENTS (including infrequent images) :


Non-Whites & Jews within the German Army

Spring of lifestyles and child Abductions

Lake Toplitz: the Nazi Abyss


The Underground Reich

Der Riese

The Jonas Valley

Wonder Weapons


The hole Earth Theory

World Ice Theory


The Ahnenerbe

Cancelled expeditions

Human experiments

The Wewelsburg

Hexen Files

Hitler and Magic

Wotan and the Aryan Archetype

POST warfare MYTHS

The Morning of the Magicians

Hitler's Death

The Mystic Treasure of the SS

Fantasy ask yourself Weapons

Die Glocke


Nazi UFOs

The Amerika Bomber Project

The Genocide

Nazism turns into a Semi-Religious Movement

The Black Sun

The Vril

The Kelly-Hopkinsville UFO and Alien Shootout online

De Lafayette Mega Encyclopedia of the Anunnaki, Extraterrestrial Civilization on Earth and Ancient Aliens. Vol.3 A (Anunnaki and extraterrestrial: History, Occult, Supernatural) epub

The Ourang Medan: Conjuring a Ghost Ship pdf

Through Alien Eyes mobi

Download Taking Control (They Take our Children Book 2) pdf

Read Underground Alien Bases: Flying Saucers Come From Inside The Earth! audio

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