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half 6 from a collection of 12 components. the true And Secretive global Of extraterrestrial beings And UFOs identified basically To seventy five AmericansPublished via instances sq. Press. This e-book used to be released during this structure to satisfy the desires of specific readers who continuously ask us even if there's a booklet by way of Mr. de Lafayette, which summarizes condensed information regarding alien, their global, constitution, biology and organism, and UFOs's-USA equation and pertinent cover-up, simply because they can now not come up with the money for to shop for the handfuls of books Mr. de Lafayette wrote on those topics, and didn't have the assets and time to discover pertinent info scattered over millions upon hundreds of thousands of pages of formerly released books and encyclopedias.The sequence includes 12 booklets on the lowest attainable cost: $0.99. View below this gentle, the current paintings shouldn't be thought of a repetitious book, or a publication of recycled info. therefore, you want to before you buy this publication to learn its desk of contents online or at, and evaluate it with tables of contents of formerly released books.Contents Of the full SetPart 1* Aliens* Aliens, contact/communication with:* 1-What should still we do within the occasion they do touch us?* 2-So, why a few extraterrestrial beings are right here? What made them come?* 3-Telepathy isn't the merely approach to communication.* 4-Telepathic communique among the Grays (Greys) extraterrestrial beings and contactees and abductees.* 5-No own messages from aliens.* 6-Galactic languages* 7-Communicating with an alien in the course of a meeting.* 8-On how extraterrestrials and/or extraterrestrial beings converse with each one other.* 9-Talking to extraterrestrials.* Aliens and extraterrestrials, conferences with.* The alien who prepared the meeting.* Generalities: basic meeting within the preliminary meetings.* Meeting with 3 diverse non-human species.Part 2* Organism constitution of assorted extraterrestrial beings' races.* Not all extraterrestrial beings are alike.* The brain's telephone is answerable for everything.* Aliens and extraterrestrials are equipped another way from us.* Alien: feelings aren't stressed out to our mobile motor.* Alien: "I commence anew with one other reproduction of my body."* Alien: "We survive via multiplication of ourselves."* Alien: "We would not have waste in our bodies."* Extraterrestrials manufacture themselves, and are born totally grown and mature.* Smell (Odor) of extraterrestrial beings' bodies.* Words "sex" and "intercourse".* Aliens couldn't stroll straight.* Aliens' colleges and brain.* No experience of time.* The Grays are claustrophobic.* How outdated are the extraterrestrials?* What is their common life-span?* Nature/substance of alien races.* Three significant races of aliens.* Race 1: An intraterrestrial non-human.* Race 2: The Anunnaki.* Race three: Naftarian.* Catalogue of assorted different types of extraterrestrials and alien races.* Complex machines have been utilized by the extraterrestrial beings to speak to us.* Protective suits.* Copies of the stories and transcripts of the meetings.* Who reviewed the transcripts of the meetings?* Alien, 1948 assembly with a feminine, Transcript/Report: T: E/L.48.* The conferences' dates.* Q&A: Interviewing the alien.* Explanation of the alien's answers.Part 3* Interviewing the alien* Explanation of the alien's answers* The first kind of "Communication Device" Part 4* Interviewing the alien* Comments on an early assembly with "Riyah", a feminine alien.* The alien communicated with us via her "Cellular Motor".* "We didn't absolutely comprehend the alien's language."* From a meeting's transcripts throughout the overdue interval of 1948.* From a transcript of a gathering in early 1949.Part 5* Aliens', precis of findings from and about.* What we do be aware of from aliens.* What we do find out about aliens.* Facts.* Summary of findings.Part 6* Excerpts from different conferences with extraterrestrial beings which happened years later.* Habitable planet or an Earth-like planet.* Earth is the universe's dumpster.

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