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Agus Kurniawan

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Language: English

Pages: 168

Publisher: PE Press; 1 edition (April 25, 2014)


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This booklet is helping tips on how to research approach programming on Raspberry Pi utilizing interval and center method libraries. numerous code samples are supplied for ease of realizing approximately procedure programming.
1. getting ready improvement Environment
1.1 Raspberry Pi
1.2 Compiler and improvement Tools
1.3 hi World
2. dossier I/O
2.1 beginning and shutting File
2.1.1 open() and close()
2.1.2 creat()
2.1.3 making a New File
2.2 examining info from File
2.3 Writing information into File
2.4 Appending facts Into File
2.5 Truncating Files
2.6 Copying File
2.7 Seeking
3. Buffered I/O
3.1 establishing and shutting File
3.2 analyzing information File
3.2.1 fgetc()
3.2.2 fgets()
3.3 Writing information File
3.3.1 fputc()
3.3.2 fputs()
3.4 Binary File
3.4.1 Writing Binary Data
3.4.2 interpreting Binary Data
3.5 Seeking
4. Process
4.1 procedure ID
4.2 operating Process
4.3 Terminating Process
4.4 developing baby Process
5. Threading
5.1 growing Thread
5.2 Thread ID
5.3 Terminating Thread
5.3.1 Terminating Itself
5.3.2 Terminating Others
5.4 becoming a member of Thread
5.5 Thread Mutex
5.6 Variables
5.6.1 Signaling
5.6.2 Broadcasting
6. Interprocess Communication
6.1 Pipe
6.1.1 popen()
6.1.2 pipe()
6.2 FIFOs
6.2.1 FIFO Server
6.2.2 FIFO Client
6.2.3 Running
6.3 Message Queues
6.3.1 Message Queue Sender
6.3.2 Message Queue Receiver
6.3.3 Executing
6.3.4 removal Message Queue
6.4 Shared Memory
6.4.1 Server
6.4.2 Client
6.4.3 Running
6.4.3 removal Shared Memory
7. Socket Programming
7.1 Getting neighborhood Hostname
7.2 growing and Connecting
7.2.1 Server
7.2.2 Client
7.2.3 Testing
7.3 information Transfer
7.3.1 Server
7.3.2 Client
7.3.3 Testing
7.4 Datagram Socket
7.4.1 Server
7.4.2 Client
7.4.3 Testing
7.5 Case examine: development Client-Server with Multi Clients
7.5.1 Server
7.5.2 Client
7.5.3 Testing
7.6 Case examine: Socket with HTTP Protocol
7.6.1 HTTP Get
7.6.2 HTTP Post
8. Serial Communication
8.1 operating with Serial Port
8.2 Arduino for goal Serial Port
8.3 Attaching Arduino to Raspberry Pi
8.4 studying Serial Communication
8.4.1 Arduino Program
8.4.2 studying Application
8.4.3 Testing
8.5 Writing facts to Serial Port
8.5.1 Arduino Program
8.5.2 Writing Application
8.5.3 Testing
9.1 overview GPIO
9.2 GPIO Libraries
9.2.1 BCM2835 C library
9.2.2 WiringPi
9.3 analyzing facts from GPIO
9.3.1 Arduino as electronic Source
9.3.2 imposing with BCM2835 C library
9.3.3 imposing with WiringPi

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