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genuine Alien Worlds: a short Encyclopaedia

Alien touch published:

> How the universe is developed to supply experiential worlds

> humans are automobiles for souls who've additionally lived on a variety of alien planets

> How human minds are normally locked to Earth and within sight dimensions

> A procedure in which human minds can discover any extraterrestrial worlds utilizing out of physique recognition

> allowing a pioneering research crew to go to dozens of alien worlds and better dimensions in the course of a 2 12 months exploration undertaking you want to find out about

Reading this publication can set off alien touch:

> Triggering latent stories of your lives on different planets

> Reminding you ways extra complicated societies function

> Reconnecting you to misplaced family and friends individuals alive on different worlds

> allowing you to work out throughout the phantasm of the present human existence you've got selected

> providing you with entry to misplaced talents and talents your human physique wishes within the present Earth phantasm

Reading this publication is an important a part of reawakening your better skills


Volume 1: complete Preface
P1 Up-Front Statements
P2 a brand new Age Of Discovery
P3 Astral Dimensions
P4 different types of Alien
P5 Time Distortions and Shifts
P6 Interactions With Human Beings
The prefaces comprise a proof of the way it was once attainable to investigate this encyclopaedia. essentially, the Earth you adventure is an engineered phantasm you could go beyond. therefore it's attainable to hyperlink into different components of the higher phantasm; i.e. Alien Worlds.

Volume 2: Encyclopaedia bankruptcy E01 to E05
E01 Grasshoppers 1
E02 giant Eyed Humanoids 1
E03 Icke's Lizards 1
E04 gray Goblins 1
E05 Small Greys 1
This quantity contains info of Grasshoppers 1, from who is global a workforce of alien researchers sufficiently better human touch and made this encyclopaedia attainable. additionally during this quantity, is the realm of alien reptilians who're usually accused on malignly influencing people.

Volume three: Encyclopaedia bankruptcy E06 to E10
E06 huge Greys 1
E07 clever vegetation 1
E08 Lobsters 1
E09 destiny people 1
E10 substitute people 2
This quantity contains yet another of the various species of greys, clever alien vegetation, plus earthly people from the longer term who stopover at Earth and therefore get labeled as aliens.

Volume four: Encyclopaedia bankruptcy E11 to E15
E11 Nordics 1
E12 Nordics 2
E13 Dinosaur 1
E14 Engineered Viruses
E15 Ants 1
This quantity bargains with extra of the human-like species who stopover at Earth, and an instance of a true dinosaur global in improvement.

Volume five: Encyclopaedia bankruptcy E16 to E20
E16 Mechanoids 1
E17 sizeable Jelly 1
E18 T1s
E19 big name young children 1
E20 Xeons 1
This quantity explores a rare alien species that is rather a universe in its personal correct, plus insights into extraterrestrial beings who've considerably contributed to, or even engineered, the Earth global you're experiencing.

Volume 6: Appendices A1 to A4
A1 the final word Creator
A2 The Creators
A3 How The Universe Works
A4 The Moon
If you must comprehend extra approximately who's eventually liable for the production of every thing, learn this appendix. equally, there's a attention-grabbing account of Earth’s moon a couple of dimensions up, the place it truly is teeming with existence.

Volume 7: Appendices A5 to A6
A5 huge Greys Domes
A6 Summary
The huge Greys 1 have collected jointly an awesome number of dwelling alien species in a single place, traveling them is a needs to. eventually, there's a precis of a few of the insights this encyclopaedia has brought.


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