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This historical booklet can have various typos and lacking textual content. dealers can obtain a loose scanned replica of the unique booklet (without typos) from the writer. now not listed. now not illustrated. 1914 Excerpt: ...between the earth and the again of the wall. those forces are indicated in diagram shape in Fig. 70. The thickness of base can't be precisely decided till the width has been ascertained, however it needs to be a minimum of as thick because the wall on the backside. whether it is assumed to be of equivalent thickness to the wall at this aspect, specifically 2 feet. three in., the load in keeping with sq. foot should be nearly as follows:--Concrete 2'25 X 156 = 351 lbs. Earth 2"0 X one hundred twenty = 240 lbs. overall 591 lbs. If the mandatory width of the bottom to avoid overturning is x ft away from the thickness of the wall, its weight in line with lineal foot of wall is 591x lbs. the burden of the wall in keeping with lineal foot is 22-25 X 1-4 X 156 lbs. = 4,860 lbs. The horizontal component to the earth strain in keeping with lineal foot of wall has already been made up our minds, and is 6,850 lbs. whereas the vertical part is additionally almost like on the subject of the wall with counterforts, specifically 2,220 lbs. the consequent of this earth strain is believed to behave at some extent 6 toes. eight in. from the pinnacle of the bottom, or eight feet. eleven in. from the bottom. Taking moments as sooner than, in regards to the 3rd aspect of the bottom nearest to the toe, that's («+!)"" from the again of the wall 4,860 ( 1-5 +--76) + 591 (l-5 + y-2'25--) + 2,220 (l-5 + J) = 6,850 X 8-92, which equation is happy whilst x = 10-2, say 10 toes. eight in., making the whole width of the bottom of the wall 12 toes. 6 in. The sum overall of the entire vertical forces is lbs. 4,860 591 X 10-25 = 6,060 2,220 13,140 and the common strain at the starting place 13,140-T-12-5 = 1,050 lbs. according to sq. foot. The distribution of this strain is proven in Fig. 70, and varies from 0 on the heel to a greatest depth of 2,100 lbs. consistent with sq. foot on the toe. the utmost pressure produced within the base via this pr...

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