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Freddy Silva

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For over fifteen centuries the mysterious crop circles were pointed out in educational and spiritual texts. within the Nineties farmers and armed forces group of workers witnessed them being created in seconds by means of tubes of sunshine and different luminosities. yet round 1980 the phenomenon went into overdrive and exploded world wide, with some10,000 stories unfold over 29 countries.

A significant controversy erupted by way of a pre-designed debunking crusade perpetrated through the British executive, the CIA, the Vatican, and their allies in mass media to brainwash the general public that this has all been a human hoax. yet eighty eyewitness money owed and the actual proof basically inform one other story—that a real phenomenon is at work.

So what are crop circles, why are they right here and what's responsible?

This publication through veteran researcher and overseas best-selling writer Freddy Silva is the main complete account of the secret ever released, a lot of it from own and hands-on event. To at the present time secrets and techniques within the Fields is considered the go-to ebook at the topic, and is still the main critically-acclaimed paintings ever compiled.

Written at huge, immense own sacrifice, Silva brings you the total historical past of the phenomenon, the anomalies that reach the current barriers of technological know-how, and the planned authentic efforts to discredit it and control the public’s opinion.

Copiously illustrated with over four hundred pictures and diagrams, he delves into the challenging facts and describes how the designs could be created via sound, plasma and the manipulation of neighborhood gravitational fields. He dissects their sacred geometry, their recognized meanings, hidden messages, connections with historic symbols, and the way they're energetically associated with old sacred websites reminiscent of Stonehenge and the Giza pyramids.

Ultimately he comes face-to-face with the resource of the true crop circles —a picture of a Circle-maker is featured — and discovers how the glyphs are linked to the approaching cycle of earth alterations, and the way they're operating energetically to persuade the longer term path of human consciousness.

The message during this accomplished and critically-acclaimed paintings will shock and humble you. For the crop circles are a advisor to the place we now have been, and a signpost to the place we're headed.

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