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Phi, mentioned [fi] in smooth Greek, is the twenty first letter of the Greek alphabet. In sleek Greek, it represents [f], a unvoiced labiodental fricative. In old Greek it represented [p h], an aspirated unvoiced bilabial plosive (from which English finally inherits the spelling "ph" in phrases derived from Greek). within the approach of Greek numerals it has a price of 500 or 500,000. The Cyrillic letter Ef (F, f) arose from phi. Theta (Greek: Theta) is the 8th letter of the Greek alphabet, from this letter derived the Phoenician letter Teth. within the approach of Greek numerals it has a cost of nine. In Classical Greek Theta represented an aspirated unvoiced dental plosive, yet in Koiné and later dialects it grew to become a unvoiced dental fricative.

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