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you are on your mattress. it really is darkish, you listen footsteps arising the steps and into your room. there is an individual there - a presence. They lie on you or beside you, even perhaps gripping you tightly, crushing you into the mattress. you cannot flow. there is a legitimate, a grunt or a wierd odor. Time passes, you're paralysed with worry. finally the entity alterations, probably increasing or contracting, relocating clear of you, sinking to the ground. With a superb attempt of will you be ready to movement the end of your finger, then the hand until eventually move returns on your entire physique and the event ends. you've been visited via the previous 'hag'. desires, the true theatre or maybe battlefield of magick, encouraged through cosmic tides that ebb and circulate via us as they did the traditional Egyptians. Over the millennia we've got misplaced touch with those tides, and stand alienated from Nature.To fix that first 'Eden' we needs to adopt an workout within the archaeology of data. We needs to reconstruct the traditional Egyptian Wheel of the 12 months, revealing archaic, predynastic Mysteries, the Lunar Mysteries of Horus & Seth. Contents: Kiss of the Vampire / foundation of the Vampire delusion / Egyptian Psychology / fortunate and unfortunate / Supernatural Assault/The Wheel of the 12 months in historic Egypt/The Lunar-Stellar Calendar of Horus & Seth/Deities attending the Northern Constellations / Oracles & Lunar Omina / Lunar diary

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