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Aaron McKagantry

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Language: English

Pages: 128

Publisher: Covenstead Press (January 26, 2008)


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Written for the pro mage, Tactical Magic provides suggestions and methods for facing the true mage's worst enemy-untrained ignorant dabblers. those gnats of the paranormal international, civilians, prefer to make ridiculous calls for on actual mages, making existence tough and making working underneath the radar of the nonmagical public very unlikely. Ouija forums, ownership and different assets of civilian hysteria are rigorously deconstructed herein, with a no-nonsense fieldbook method of facing ordinary nonmagical panic approximately issues magical-identifying the resource of the panic and neutralizing it within the preferable demeanour attainable. given that magic isn't as flashy or as interesting as civilians anticipate, guidance for giving them the glitter they wish whereas doing the small manipulations of power they wish are integrated. Non-Mages will locate the ebook non-instructional, and shouldn't hassle having a look inside of. This e-book isn't approximately them, it really is approximately mages residing within the actual global who've to house them.

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