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complete Title:The Arctic Whaleman: or, iciness within the Arctic Ocean: being a story of the damage of the whale send Citizen. including a short heritage of whaling.(1861).Preface:....Some of the explanations which brought about the writer to give to the general public this narrative containing an account of the break of the whale send Citizen, and the next publicity and sufferings of her officials and group within the Arctic Ocean, are the following:----1. the example hasn't ever been recorded within the historical past of marine catastrophe, within which a ship's corporation, along with thirty-three people, lived such a lot of months one of the natives in so excessive a range. 2. Being solid helpless and nearly destitute upon the sort of desolate coast, that they had to rely mostly upon the kindness and generosity of the natives for cover, foodstuff, and garments. three. contemplating the damaging and forbidding conditions in their situation, in dwelling because the natives lived, and their travels within the depths of iciness from one cost to a different which will keep away from hunger, it truly is extraordinary that such a lot of of them, with so little illness, might be rescued the next yr.


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