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The kinge of China doth arme a fleete of shippes opposed to the rouer Lymahon, who withdraweth himselfe to Touzuacaotican, while he hath discover of the Philippinas.The complayntes elevated euerie day progressively more vnto the king and his counsell, of the euils doone vnto the Chinos through this rouer Lymahon. For the which commandement used to be giuen straightwaies vnto the uiceroy of that prouince (whereas he vsed to execute his euill), that with nice excursion he could be taken (for to chop off this inconuenience), who in few dayes did set foorth to sea, 100 100 and thirtie nice ships of warre with fortie thousand men.and thirtie nice shippes good appointed, with fortie thousand males in them, and one made generall ouer all of them, a gradual guy referred to as Omoncon, for to head seeke and followe this rouer, with expresse commandement to apprehende or kill him, even if to the executing of a similar he positioned either shippes and males in danger.They do extra esteeme honor than losse of ships or men.Of all this prouision, Lymahon had aduertisement through a few secrete acquaintances, who on account that his enemies have been many, and he unable to counteruaile them, neither in shippes nor males, made up our minds to not abide the comming, yet to retire and leave from that coast: so in flying he got here vnto an ilande[9]in secrete referred to as Touznacaotican, which used to be fortie leagues from the firme land, and is within the correct manner of nauigation to the Ilands Philippinas.In this iland used to be Lymahon retyred along with his armie a certaine time, and durst now not returne to the firme land, for that he knew that the kinges fleete did lie vpon the coast to defende an identical. And even if he did ship foorth a few ships a robbing, but did they no longer doo any factor of significance, yet really got here flying clear of the mightie strength of the kinges. From this ilande they did goe foorth with a few of their ships, robbing and spoyling al reminiscent of they met with marchandice and different issues that they carried from one ilande to an different, and from the iland vnto the firme, and comming from thence among all of them, they triggered to take ships of China which got here from Manilla, and have been absolute to their owne countrie. And hauing them of their strength they searched them vnder hatches, and located they had wealthy issues of golde, and Spanish ryalles, which they'd in truck in their marchandice the which they carried to the ilandes. They knowledgeable themselues in all issues of the nation and fertilitie of that countrie, yet specifically of the Spaniardes, and the way many there have been of them within the citie of Manilla, who weren't at that current aboue seuentie people, for that the remaining have been separated within the discouering and populing of different ilands newly chanced on; and vnderstanding that those few did liue with none suspition of enimies, and had neuer a fortress nor bulwarke, and the ordinance which that they had (although it used to be very good), but was once it no longer that allows you to protect themselues nor offend their enemies, hee decided to goe thither with all his fleete and folks, for to smash and kill them, and to make himselfe lorde of the saide ilande of Manilla and different adiacent there nigh an analogous. And there he proposal himselfe to be in securitie from the facility of the king, which went looking of him. And so, as he was firm, he placed it in vre with as a lot excursion as was once possible.The historical past of the nice and robust state of China, and the placement Thereof. (Volume II),Kingdom of China, effective country, Limahon, Vintoquiam,Philippinas

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