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the main interesting and Mysterious Inscriptions, Archeological websites, Ruins, towns, and emblems of Mesopotamia, Anunnaki and the traditional international Written by means of an international authority at the historical past of the Civilizations, Religions, Folklore, and Myths of the center East, close to East, Asia Minor and the Anunnaki, and fabulously illustrated, this e-book will take you on a grand journey to: • Sahardultag4: Sumerian burial mound in Dilmun• A swastika join up one of many Jupiter Temple’s column in Baalbeck, linking the developers of the temple/early population of Baalbeck to the esoteric masters of Tibet and the traditional extraterrestrial gods• The Cedar woodland, the place Gilgamesh spent a couple of days imploring the Anunnaki gods, to provide him immortality• The citadel of Arwad• The St. John Chapel in Byblos• Maalula, hometwon of St. Tekla, the 1st Anunnaki-Christian Saint Tekla, the early Christianity, St. Paul, the Anunnaki, Ulema, and extraterrestrial more advantageous beings equation• Ur in old Sumer, the place Abraham lived• Walls of Nineveh• Carthage’s underground• Ziggurat of Nanna, Eanna, Enlil, Enlil, Ur-nammu, and Etemenanki• Mesopotamia: The Anunnaki’s land• Assyria• Chaldea• Canaan• Hittite Empire• Sumer • City of Tyre, one of many significant facilities of the Anunnaki-Ulema• Royal inscriptions from the library of King Ashurbanipal, containing the Epic of Gilgamesh• Royal inscriptions of Naram-sîn: Naram-sîn, builder of the temple of Inanna• Inscription on a brick from the Tower of Babel• Akkadian inscriptions of gods so as of seniority• Kharsag Epic: The Romance of Enhil and Ninlil• Inscriptions of Nabonidus• The loss of life of Baal: pill of Ras Shamra, sixteenth century B.C., describing the dying of Baal and relating god Mot• Inscriptions of the treaty signed among the Hittites, and Egypt• Tablet of the good Flood: The Deluge (Great Flood) tale capsule written in Cuneiform• Babylonian pill of the production of guy and the world• Babylonian (Akkadian-Sumerian) capsules of the Creation• The Ras Shamra texts• Tablet of the Epic of Danel• Sargon’s Inscriptions…139• Faravahar, the Persian royal wing• Anunnaki’s hidden symbols• Behistun and Anunnaki Ram-La KitburMaximillien de Lafayette’s books are available 2 formats:1-Amazon Kindle version at paperback at www.lulu.comVisit the web site of the writer


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