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Alain F. Corcos

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the concept that human races exist is a socially built fantasy that has no grounding in technological know-how. despite pores and skin, hair, or eye colour, stature or physiognomy, we're all of 1 species. still, scientists, social scientists, and pseudo-scientists have, for 3 centuries, attempted vainly to end up that particular and separate "races" of humanity exist. those protagonists of race thought have dependent their fallacious study on a number of of 5 specious assumptions:     - humanity might be labeled into teams utilizing identifiable actual characteristics,     - human features are transmitted "through the blood,"       - specified human actual features are inherited together,      - actual gains could be associated with human behavior,     - human teams or "races" are through their very nature unequal and, for that reason, they are often ranked so as of highbrow, ethical, and cultural superiority.       the parable of Human Races systematically dispels those fallacies and unravels the net of fallacious examine that has been woven to illustrate the prevalence of 1 team of individuals over one other.

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