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Did Adam and Eve exist? Are all people similar as “Children of Adam.” The Catholic Church and most standard Protestant congregations train that, certainly, there has been a true ancient Adam and Eve whom have been our first mom and dad and from whom we have now all descended.

“Politically right” pondering states: “What Nonsense! Charles Darwin has confirmed that we easily advanced from non-human ancestors and someone who believes that Adam and Eve existed as genuine people is a straightforward minded idiot. Scientists have confirmed that Adam and Eve are figments of simpleton Christian mind's eye and feature stumbled on all of those fossils that convey transparent human evolution.”

William M. Selenke, Ph.D., educated in clinical technology and a Catholic believer, has tested the clinical literature. The unforeseen result of this exam published that certainly there's reliable medical proof for the lifestyles of a different first guy, Adam, and a distinct first girl, Eve.

Scientific proof indicates that it truly is possible that Adam and Eve existed. The essence of what makes us human got here from our first mom and dad. different characteristics can have come from a restricted variety of close to, yet no longer totally human, ancestors.

This booklet explains that paradox and offers a basic heritage of science/religion controversies.

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