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New Saucerian Press proudly offers "Time-Traveling via Swamp fuel: unusual stories of Flying Saucer Intrigue" – one of many final books ever written by means of the long-lasting ufologist, writer, and bestselling writer, grey Barker, whose writing educated the plotlines of exhibits like "Star Trek," "Futurama," "The X-Files," "Twin Peaks," "The Outer Limits," and "The Twilight Zone."

Shuttling among his big apple publishing place of work and his secluded cabin deep within the hills of his domestic kingdom of West Virginia, the prolific Barker single-handedly stored public curiosity interested in UFOs in the course of it leanest years, and brought many subject matters nonetheless mentioned and investigated by means of today’s paranormal and conspiracy researchers: the Roswell unidentified flying object Crash, males in Black, historic extraterrestrial beings, Nazi UFOs, the Philadelphia test, the Flatwoods Monster, Mothman, MJ-12, mystery underground bases, little eco-friendly males, and the Maury Island Incident.

"Time-Traveling via Swamp fuel" and its sister books, "Serpents of Fire," "Saucers of Fear," and "Saucers of fireplace" have been assembled through Barker presently sooner than his loss of life, utilizing fabric culled from deteriorating copies of his notoriously speculative newsletters and gossipy syndicated column – for years, the main commonly learn nationwide column on UFOs, Forteana, and “weird science.”

This specified variation of Swamp gasoline encompasses a distinct creation through Barker, in addition to stories from his box investigators, who – in actual e-newsletter kind – shed pressing, much-needed gentle on riddles corresponding to: John Lennon’s alien craft sighting, the NASA conspiracy, saucer crashes and recoveries, contactees, alien abductions, brain keep watch over, and the psychology of flying saucers teams, hoaxes, disinformation, and surveillance.

“The Godfather of Paranormal Conspiracy ultimately will get his revenge…” –Paranoia

“A strong lengthy video game; Barker defends himself brilliantly...” –The Skeptical Enquirer

“A nice mashing of vintage topics, by way of the nice Conjurer himself…” –UFO journal

“Eerily predictive… Very hip for its time…” –David Bowie


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