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Preston E. Dennett

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Pages: 152

Publisher: Checkmark Books; 1 edition (August 1, 2008)

ISBN: 160413318X

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truth or fiction? The fascinating background of UFOs and alien encounters.The alien ship phenomenon is still essentially the most power and complicated mysteries of contemporary occasions. Encounters have happened for millions of years, and the task indicates no indicators of slowing, with stories coming from round the world."UFOs and extraterrestrial beings" offers a thrilling heritage of extraterrestrial job on planet Earth, documenting a few of the world's best-verified circumstances. This finished source information well-known sightings, similar to the Washington Nationals and the Mexico urban sightings; come upon instances of flying saucers landings and abductions, just like the Hopkinsville "goblins" and the Travis Walton alien abduction case; and the mysterious unidentified flying object crash close to Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. every little thing from notorious hoaxes to the actual facts of alien implants to executive cover-ups are awarded right here with the easiest facts on hand, so readers can make a decision what should be truth and what's, certainly, technological know-how fiction.The chapters comprise: historical Astronauts; while UFOs Land; Taken Aboard; flying saucers Crashes; and Conspiracies and Cover-ups.


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