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it truly is RUMORED THAT POP STARS MICK JAGGER AND DAVID BOWIE have been between hundreds of thousands of normal WITNESSES WHO saw ---

“THE factor” --

It began for a favored New York-based radio deejay and journalist while he left the U.S. and headed to England. discovering himself in the course of a mysterious sojourn on Salisbury simple, the writer had an unforeseen sequence of mind-bending stories that became his lifestyles upside down.

One day Bryce Bond used to be at the back of the microphone at station WTFM and – presently thereafter – he was once status in an open box within the geographical region, no longer faraway from the megalithic constitution often called Stonehenge, the place he gazed into the evening sky

Meanwhile, for the citizens of the hamlet of Warminster, it had started on Christmas Day 1964, whilst a churchgoer stumbled on herself pinned to the floor via an overwhelming, bone-crushing, thunderous roar that emanated from the sky and was once fast dubbed “the factor” via the neighborhood media. This incident looked as if it would have opened an interdimensional portal permitting unidentified craft to materialize in entrance of burdened witnesses who may quantity within the hundreds of thousands over the following numerous many years.

The sightings have been followed through the unexplained deaths of animals and birds, the looks of the 1st crop circles within the U.K., distortions of time, an total raise in bizarre, unexplainable phenomena being mentioned within the area, in addition to shut encounters with humanoid beings no longer of this world.

While many advised in their chilling paranormal reports by the hands of intended extraterrestrial beings, it was once entertainer Bryce Bond who really underwent the main mystifying and thrill-packed cosmic experience, which culminated in his assembly a bunch of masterful beings who empowered him with super therapeutic and psychic talents. Upon returning to big apple, an “inner voice” informed Bryce to give up his task in order that he might enlighten others a few impending unheard of swap in human attention.

In addition to offering facts that Warminster has develop into a “window” sector to a different aircraft of lifestyles and disclosing the main points of his momentous stellar exploits with unearthly beings, the writer finds how what he came across can enhance your lifestyles. Bryce explains useful metaphysical equipment during which the reader can in attaining that that is finest in lifestyles, together with getting to know the legislation of karma, learning the major to unconditional love, discovering the real route to the God inside, and dwelling a righteous lifestyles that's in stability and concord with common legislation of abundance.

With the help of Bryce’s shut pals, Marc Brinkerhoff and Shawn Robbins, the reader may be led on a tremendous trip that's sure to contact your soul and teleport you to better dimensions.

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