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David Ritchie

Format: Hardcover

Language: English

Pages: 264

Publisher: MJF Books (May 1997)

ISBN: 1567312004

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Ever because the first sighting of what grew to become referred to as a "flying saucer", a complete unidentified flying object has emerged. Societies and golf equipment dedicated to the sighting, monitoring and interpretation of unidentified items flourish, as do magazines and journals reporting the newest sightings and stories. moreover, a brand new physique of literature in particular exploring UFOs as a mental and/or religious phenomenon has seemed with UFOlogy taking an more and more very important place within the New Age circulation. David Ritchie has combed via plenty of uncooked information from hundreds of thousands of resources and analyzed his findings to spot, make clear and current info. He asks "What are UFOs?" and whether or not they are extraterrestrial viewers or of extra earthly origins. He examines spacecraft touchdown websites and markings, the "hollow Earth" concept, sightings and recordings of gadgets vacationing at probably very unlikely speeds, Concorde and the sparkling ball, and extra.

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