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With greater than one hundred thirty years of flying saucers task, New Mexico has produced a number of the world's most renowned and influential alien craft encounters. during this first ebook to offer the total historical past of extraterrestrial encounters within the Land of appeal, examine the Farmington unidentified flying object wave, the touchdown at Socorro, new advancements in regards to the Roswell crash, and the government's fight to accommodate an unknown presence soaring over delicate atomic installations and army bases. Sightings, landings, unidentified flying object automobile chases, face-to-face encounters, abductions, and alien ship crashes (of which New Mexico has had greater than the other nation) are featured besides encounters documented via the army (including venture Bluebook). different uniquely New Mexican mysteries reminiscent of farm animals mutilations and the phenomenon referred to as "the Taos Hum" are explored extensive. Eyewitness testimony and startling photos will go away you pondering concerning the skies over New Mexico and the unusual issues that common them.

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