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Publisher: TIMES SQUARE PRESS. New York. Berlin; 1 edition (June 26, 2014)


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quantity 1 from a collection of 20 volumes (Approx. 7,000 pages. hundreds of thousands upon hundreds of thousands of entries and encyclopedic articles on all elements and facets of ufology.) released through instances sq. Press, big apple, Berlin. The WORLD'S so much AUTHORITATIVE, complete ANDLARGEST ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ITS KIND. Scientific and Esoteric Encyclopedia of UFOs, Aliensand Extraterrestrial Gods. The world's first educational, clinical, andesoteric encyclopedia of:  UFOs; their origins, constitution, different types, sessions, time-table, heritage, earlier, current, destiny and who equipped them.  American UFOs NAZI UFOs New international Order's UFOs Russian UFOs Canadian UFOs Antarctica's UFOs UFOs from the long run UFOs within the Bible UFOs over the Moon UFOs diving into the solar UFOs in outer area USOs and extraterrestrial beings navigation process: hall Plasma UFOs & technological know-how UFOs & faith UFOs & politics UFOs & technological know-how fiction UFOs & the supernatural UFOs & conspiracy theorists UFOs & NASA UFOs & CIA UFOs & usa Air strength UFOs & global warfare 3 Ufology's pioneers, most sensible authors, researchers, investigators, and unique personalities Ufology's most sensible & worst innovations & theories upward push & fall of historical aliens/ancient astronauts theories and theorists  extraterrestrial beings; their different types, classifications, organism  Alien abduction; evidence and myths, abductees' stories, situations, and in-depth analyses  Extraterrestrials' lifestyles; their planets, societies, historical past and improvement  US-Aliens joint courses  Description of Ashtari (Aldebaran), the planet of the Anunnaki  The habitat of the Grays The habitat of the Grays-Hybrids race Black operations and most sensible mystery tasks  beginning and construction of mankind.  Anunnaki's genetic production of the 1st human races  Gods and goddesses of Mesopotamia, Phoenicia, Ugarit, and Canaan and their hyperlink to the traditional extraterrestrial gods  How the gods of Mesopotamia and Phoenicia turned Yahweh the god of the Hebrews, Judaism, Christianity and Islam  How extraterrestrials created religions on the earth  Humanity's hyperlink to extraterrestrials  equipped religions and direct hyperlink to extraterrestrial beings  extraterrestrial beings' encounters  The Nazis-Aliens equation  The government's cover-ups Transcripts of the USA-Aliens' conferences  Interviews with extraterrestrial beings performed via the Pentagon, the USAF, and America's maximum scientists and linguists  U.S. Presidents & UFOs Intergalactic travels and outer of area flights to extraterrestrial beings planets and constellations  extraterrestrial beings' time table  the specter of NAZI UfOs/USOs  Earth's doomsday  The go back of the Anunnaki  fake claims approximately extraterrestrial beings, extraterrestrials and UFOs  Earth's security plan opposed to alien invasion  educational translations of the Sumerian, Akkadian and Assyrian drugs extraterrestrial beings' genetic laboratories: Myths & facts  Grosso modo, every thing you desired to comprehend aboutUFOs, USOs, extraterrestrial beings, extraterrestrials, governments' joint courses with aliens,abductions, alien encounters, presence of extraterrestrial beings races in the world, and way forward for humanityaccording to the extraterrestrial beings' matrix. 

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