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A holistic view of contemporary technological know-how in comparison to old secrets and techniques. In my lifetime, smooth people have built the know-how to copy nearly any feat allegedly played through any God, in any tradition, in any legend, delusion or background. we now have been instructed because the starting of written historical past that "You Are Gods." but, worry has saved most folks from believing the fact that we're the Gods preachers alert you approximately. records convey there has been an explosive burst of information worldwide 2,600 years in the past that used to be suppressed until eventually lately. Scientists recognize we're made from the unique stardust referred to as atoms which can't be destroyed. they've got additionally discovered to show off and on mobile switches that impact our mind functions

Since 1974, they could control the atom’s genetic types to create crops micro organism, and animals within the laboratory that experience by no means existed in nature as we all know it. Now it will possibly at present be performed utilizing new types of DNA created within the laboratory that hasn't ever been identified to exist in this planet.

Native american citizens record in paintings and legends a similar women and men often called Gods describe in paintings and written historical past of the traditional Middle-East that got here from the sky (heaven).

While such a lot give some thought to the traditional written works to be myths, we're the sleek gods who cross into the heavens and go back to earth from the sky.

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